Holy Baptism (Christening)

Baptism is a sacrament through which Christians become one with Christ and the Church.  For Anglicans, Baptism has always been an integral part of the faith journey.  In the New Testament, John – the cousin of Jesus and the man appointed by God to “prepare the way of the Lord” – is known as John the Baptist because his ministry was to preach God’s word and baptise those who believed.  His most important act was to baptise Jesus.

Baptism can occur at any stage of life.  At Southwell, there is an annual Baptism service, usually held at the start of Term 3.  Names are collected before that date and Chaplain prepares the candidates prior to the service.  Each candidate requires at least one godparent with four as the maximum number.  Godparents do not have to attend the Baptism service, although they are welcome to if they wish.  A candidate receives their own personalised baptism candle, a baptism certificate and a card for each godparent explaining their responsibilities.

On other occasions, baptism may be offered to pre-schoolers, usually children of Old Boys or Old Girls.