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Welcome to Southwell School
Our Southwell Handbook allows our parents and caregivers an understanding of the routines and requirements of the school.
The information is laid out alphabetically, enabling ready reference and answers to a lot of the questions or queries you may have.
Should you require further information, we have other sources of information available.
 The Parent Portal which is specific to your child. Please contact our IT department to provide access.
 The School App available on your smart phone.
 The School Website is a comprehensive source of information for all members of the Southwell community:
The School Calendar, which outlines key activities across four terms.
The Southwell Week Ahead. This provides a weeks’ overview of major happenings at the school in the coming week.
The Newsletter is a good way to keep up to date with our activities and news and is published each fortnight on a Friday, and can also be found in the Publications sections of the Parents page on our website.
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