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Minor medical problems are treated by the School Nurse or by the House Mother. In more serious cases students may be taken to doctors’ consulting rooms or A&E Departments. In such instances parents will be notified that their children have been taken to the doctor.
Students may not hold any medication. All medication is to be handed to the School Nurse (day students) or House Mother (boarders) who will dispense it as required.
Each classroom has a telephone; which students can use with their classroom teacher’s permission. In an emergency, or with a Deputy Headmaster’s permission, there is a phone available in the Management Centre.
Mobile phones are the student’s responsibility and may not be used during 8.00am – 3.20pm, unless permission is granted by a staff member. Students bring mobile phones to school at their own risk. The School reserves the right to confiscate mobile phones if they are being used inappropriately or at inappropriate times (at any time during the school day). Phones can then be collected from the Main Reception.
If a student chooses to wear an apple watch or smart watch, we ask that notifications are turned off to minimise distractions. If the impact on learning is too great a student will be asked to leave the watch at home.
We ask that all Boarders be provided with a mobile phone in order to assist us with the phoning arrangements. Contact with home is an important part of the week for Boarders and we have found it has proved far more efficient to have all the Boarders being able to use their own phones, allowing for quality and more private phoning time. We do not have enough landlines at school to allow for decent length and more private calls. Cheap, simple to use mobile phones have proved to work successfully for the Boarders in the last year. We would ask, however, that the phones are regularly checked for credit and that the Boarders see that they are returned to school each week fully charged.
Students are not permitted to have mobile phones on their person throughout the day or in the dormitories. The phones will be stored in the Heads of Boarding office and used during designated phone times. This will generally be after dinner between approximately 6:45pm and 7:15pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
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