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Students receive many varied leadership opportunities throughout their time at Southwell. Some good examples of our leadership roles are: class leaders, sports team leaders, cultural leaders along with day and boarding house leaders in addition to our Year 8 prefects.
Learning to lead oneself is most important. Any queries regarding student leadership can be directed to either the Associate or Deputy Headmasters.
Southwell is a student-centred learning community promoting the social, emotional, intellectual and personal growth of our boys and girls.
Learning occurs inside and outside the classrooms. Every moment is a learning opportunity.
Our learning programmes are underpinned by our core values of integrity, respect, caring, resilience, creativity and excellence.
Academic, sporting, cultural and service programmes allow for the development of well rounded, caring citizens.
Lost property is collected in bins outside Room 10. All named clothing is returned to the students as soon as possible by monitors. All unnamed clothing and property which has not been claimed after a period of time is laundered, taken to the clothing bank or given to charity.
1. Students may choose to have a takeout lunch daily or sign up for a permanent take out lunch each term.
2. Permanent takeout lunches can be ordered through the E Form on the Parent Portal and will be charged termly at $250.00 per Term. Daily takeout lunch orders must be placed by 10.00 am in the Dining Room and will be charged monthly at $6.00 per day.
3. Day students may also choose to have a sit down lunch in the Dining Room with the boarders. This must be booked termly via the Kitchen staff.
No student is to bring cash to School.
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