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Should you wish to use the school facilities any time after 3.20 pm please contact the Facility Manager for details. We have a large number of Weddings, Shows Conferences and other activities that use our beautiful facilities during these hours.
Please remember Southwell School is situated on private property and if you wish to use the facilities such as cricket nets, tennis courts or grounds after hours you must have permission to be on site at all times. Please do not be offended if you are declined use of the facilities on the day requested.
Due to new health and safety policies this is paramount that we are informed.
Tuition and Boarding Fees are charged on a termly basis and are due for payment within 14 days of the commencement of Term. The School also offers payment options including Direct Debit, Direct Credit and payment in advance which can be found on our payment schedule on the website under Enrolments. Please note the School no longer accepts cash payments.
Irrespective of a student’s time away on leave, sickness, quarantine, isolation or for other reasons, full fees will be charged and shall be payable provided the School is providing educational services, either at school or remotely to students.
Any disbursements or incidental expenses (lunches, after school care, itinerant lessons) will be charged monthly are payable within 20 days of the date of the account. Outstanding fees may incur interest charges.
For more information regarding Fees and Accounts please contact the office at or phone 07 855 2089.
The Fellows were established in 1963 and are the guardians of the Trust Deed. Members of the Sergel family are Fellows and appoint their successors. Other members are people who have been actively involved in Southwell life in a variety of ways and are invited to join the group. The Fellows' responsibilities include being consulted prior to the appointment of the Headmaster or any new board members. The Fellows meet once a year for their Annual General Meeting on Founders’ Day (1 November), ‘All Saints Day’. Each year one of their number is elected Warden.
Ex-Officio members of the Fellows include the Headmaster, Chairman of the Trust Board, President and Vice-President of the Old Boys’ and Girls’ Association, Chairman of the Foundation, Convenor of the Friends, President of the Southwell School Association, Chaplain, and the parents of the Head Boy and Head Girl. These members are invited to
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