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Day students are expected to arrive by 8.20am.
 Roll call bell Morning Interval Lunch
End of school day Year 0-4:
Year 5-6: Year 7-8:
After School Care Year 0-3
Year 4-5
Year 6-8 After School Dinner
House Meetings Staff Meetings
8.25am 11.10-11.30am 12.50-1.50pm
3.20pm (4.20pm finish on any sport days - classroom teacher will advise)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 3.20pm Tuesday: 4.20pm (Sport)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 3.20pm Thursday: 4.20pm (Sport)
3.30pm - 5.15pm
Held in the Junior School, 3.30-4.30pm, then Library 4.30- 5.15pm
Held in Room 1, 3.30-4.30pm, then Library 4.30-5.15pm Held in the Library 3.30-5.15pm
5.15 - 6pm (must book in, in the Dining Room by 10am) Tuesdays after Chapel
3.30pm Monday
Notes for After School Care
1. Students who do not go home at the finish times outlined above are expected
to attend After School Care.
2. Teachers will be on duty at the Enderley Avenue entrance and in front of the Chapel until 3.45pm. Students not collected by that time will be taken to After School care to ensure their safety.
3. For safety reasons, all students not collected by 5.30pm will wait to be collected from inside the Dining Room. Extra charges may be incurred.
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