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 If your child is going to be absent from School please notify the school by 8.25 am. To record your child’s absence please send an absence notification via the Parent Portal on the School App, submit an Absence Notification on the School Website or ring the office on 07 8552089 and press 1 to record the absence.
If your child is going to be absent for an extended period of time, or needs to leave school early for the day you need to apply for leave from the class teacher.
Persistent truancy may result in a student’s withdrawal after all attempts have been made to ensure the student maintains good attendance.
Late Arrivals
Students arriving late to school must sign in at the Management Centre when they arrive
  at school, and receive a late pass to give to their teacher. If you know in advance your child is going to be late please notify the School via the school app, website, email or phone the office.
Leaving during school day
If your child has an appointment during school time, or is leaving early for the day they must sign out and be collected from the Management Centre. Please note they cannot come to meet you in the car park. Please notify the class teacher of the appointment either by email or a note in their school diary. When returning they must sign back in at the Management Centre.
All students are to be at school by 8.20am Monday to Friday.
Lessons end at 3.20pm. Students involved in extra-curricular activities after 3.20pm are required to stay at school until their practice/game finishes. Practices after school aim to conclude at 4.20pm.
Southwell caters for boys and girls from Year 5 to 8. The boarders are under the care of the Heads of Boarding, Assistant Housemasters, School Nurse, House Mother and House Tutors. A daily routine is organised for the boarders which enables them to make the most of the opportunities the School offers and teaches them to manage their time effectively. Students are nurtured to develop independently in a caring, homely environment.
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