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Music tutors come to the School to provide individual tuition in piano, violin, cello, guitar, flute, trumpet, trombone, French Horn, Tuba, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, drums and singing. The School also has a Speech and Drama specialist.
 Lessons are given during School hours, and times vary from week to week so that
a student is not missing the same class subject weekly.
 Day students do their practice at home and boarders are allocated times for theirs.
 Payment for this tuition will be charged through your school account.
 There are many instrumental groups at school which students can audition for and
selection for this is the responsibility of the Director of Music.
“From the Oval” is emailed each fortnight on a Friday to all parents. The newsletter is a great way to share with our school community some of our students’ achievements, upcoming events, notices and some of the many things happening in various areas throughout the school.
The newsletter can also be found on our website.
The Old Boys’ Association was formed in 1951. With the introduction of girls to the School the new name Old Boys’ & Girls’ Association was introduced in 2001.
The President, Vice President, Executive Officer, Treasurer and Committee are elected at an Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in the first term. The Committee meets regularly during the year.
The Association has donated many gifts to the School and actively supports the School.
Students who leave Southwell in whatever year automatically become life members of the Association.
Southwell is well-known for the excellence of its annual Opera. From 1922 until 1967 Gilbert and Sullivan Operas were performed, but since 1968 there has been a variety of operas and musicals performed. The Operas are an important tradition in the life of Southwell and their production is very much a large team effort.
All Year 5 - 8 students have the opportunity to audition and if successful be involved in the Southwell School Opera in a range of capacities: e.g. on the stage, front of house, lighting/sound support, or back stage. All students are advised in advance of auditions
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