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As with any organisation clear communication is very important.
Our main means of communication with our parent community is via email, the Southwell School app and your Parent Portal. Please ensure you have downloaded the Southwell School app onto your smart phone and activated your profile for the Parent Portal. Please also ensure to keep us updated with any changes to your email address.
We appreciate having positive feedback, news and information about your children, and any concerns you may have. If an issue does arise, your first contact should be your child’s teacher. You can contact the teacher by email, phone, or in person. They will endeavour to respond within one working day.
Each year level has a number of classes in it and a Dean has oversight of each of these syndicate groups. If you feel you would like to contact the Dean, please feel free to do so.
Following this you can contact one of the Deputy Headmasters or the Associate Headmaster.
Please remember that we have the student’s best interests at the forefront of all of our decisions. Thanks for allowing us the privilege to facilitate learning and take care of your children.
The School will respond to complaints in a fair and consistent manner.
Southwell will treat all instances of complaints responsibly and these will be addressed promptly, with confidentiality. An outcome with a solutions focused approach is ideally sought from the parties involved.
Students are recognised for their achievements throughout the year in classes, at Year level assemblies, in teams and groups they are a part of, within their house and at full school assemblies. Formal prize giving events for the Junior and Senior school are held at the end of each year.
In addition, sports and cultural awards are handed out at special assemblies to students who not only excel in their chosen field, but also exhibit the highest citizenship.
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