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programme and all students are expected to attend. Parents and families are welcome to attend and support students involved in sporting and cultural activities.
For information on options, contact either the Director or Performing Arts or the Director of Sport on 07 855-2089 or refer to our website for specific information.
Set up Stationery packs are currently provided. Any extra items required throughout the year can be purchased through the stationery shop with a note signed by a teacher or parent/guardian.
To have a positive, caring and respectful learning environment we expect students to:
 Respect themselves
 Show care and respect for others
 Give their best effort
 Wear their uniform with pride
 Respect and care for our environment
 Do the right thing, in the right place at the right time
 Use their manners and be courteous
 Keep themselves and others safe
 Understand and respect our school rules
Clothing shop hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm, during term time. Holiday hours will be posted on our website.
Our academic day uniform looks magnificent when worn correctly. It must be clean, tidy and in good condition.
We are a ‘Socks Up, Shirts In’ School on all hard surfaces. For boys and girls, when on hard surfaces, the expectation is to have your shirt tucked in well.
Ties – Our expectation is that these are always tied well and that they are worn correctly, covering the top button (we help our students all the time with this)
Shoes – It is appreciated if your son/daughter cleans or polishes their shoes at least once a week.
Blazers – Worn to and from School daily. All blazer buttons are done up prior to walking to Chapel or to Assembly, to start each day at Southwell.
No jewellery is to be worn except for a watch and a plain pair of studs/sleepers for girls. No makeup or nail varnish is to be worn.
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