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Effort Report
Each student will receive a summary of their effort grades at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.
Full Report
Each student will receive a full academic report at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. This report will be a comprehensive report on a student’s effort and progress in all aspects of his/her school life. However, parents should feel free to discuss with staff at all times any issue concerning their child.
Learning Conferences
During the first and third terms Learning Conferences occur where parents and their child will meet with the child’s teacher. The Learning Conference in Term 1 is very early in the term and is about the parents and teacher sharing information to help develop a positive relationship. The Learning Conference during Term 3 is where the child’s learning goals will be discussed and planned.
  The Southwell School Association (SSA) is an independent organisation which provides a forum for parents to work together to build a close relationship between the school and home. It exists for two main reasons: to create strong ties within the parent community, and to create strong ties between the parent community and the School. All parents are automatically members of the SSA as soon as they join the School.
The SSA organises a number of social functions each year, both to fund-raise and to friend-raise within the Southwell Community. Our social functions in the past have included a Golf Tournament, School Disco, Trivia night, a Gala Dinner and School Fete. These functions have a number of objectives which include promoting a school community spirit by providing opportunities for families and staff to get to know each other and to fund raise for projects based on approval and consultation with the School and Trust Board. It also provides more hands-on support for a number of school activities such as organising chapel flowers, library help and pastoral care as well as welcoming new families to Southwell.
The SSA helps facilitate communication between the SSA and the parent community. For further information, please see the SSA section within the parent tab, on our website.
Southwell offers a great extra-curricular programme to all students. Activities such as inter-house competitions and chapel services are considered part of the School
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