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Specialist Classrooms

Southwell is proud of the strength of its specialist teaching programme.  Purpose built classrooms support learning in the areas of Technology, Art, Science, Food Technology, Pottery, Music and Drama.

Technology Room

The Technology room has been purposely designed to support design prototype creation, electronics, plastic moulding and bone carving. Goals are to encourage innovation and problem solving in an environment where safety is a top priority.   Students are guided through the correct use of equipment which includes drop drills, band saws, power drills, sanders, vac formers, plastic benders, glue guns and soldering irons.  The room has an auto power cut off mechanism for safety.

Art Room

The Art room has been fully refurnished with storage and work tables that promote creativity.  This room has high usage and is often busy during morning interval and lunch times. There are lightboxes, drying cupboards and a special printer purposed for art.  The art room joins on to a substantial naturally lit gallery space.


Science Laboratories

The Science laboratories at Southwell School are specialist rooms designed for the purpose of encouraging students to learn as they experiment.  These spacious rooms have an adjoining room for preparation, storage and carry over of long term projects.  In Years 7 and 8 students are encouraged ot use these facilities to the full when undertaking a longitudinal study under the umbrella of the Waikato Science Fair.

Pottery Room

The Art Department at Southwell is lucky enough to have the facilities to specialise in both visual and sculptural art.  The Pottery room is a purpose-built studio and is well equipped with two large kilns, double extruders and a slab roller.

Many ceramic processes are taught and work is completed through to glazing.  Pupils are given the opportunity to work with guest potters at times during the year.  Southwell has a large art gallery where work is displayed and appreciated within the school community.


Music Room

The Music room has excellent acoustics and with its tiered seating, this space was designed for choir rehearsals to support Southwell's long tradition of choral music.  The room is well equipped with electronic keyboards, guitars and a drum kit.  It also has audio and visual capabilities with a fixed projector and wall mounted speakers.

Drama Room

The Drama room is spacious and sound proof.  This room has audio and visual capabilities with a fixed projector and wall mounted speakers.  There is also the added feature of a small lighting desk and spotlight technology.  Outside of school hours, this space can be used as an ideal seminar and conference room.


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