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Learning Support

Learning Support

Our Learning Support zone is there to provide support and assistance to students identified who specifically need it. The Dean of Learning Support leads this sphere of Southwell and with a team of specialist teachers and teacher aides, determines which children are to receive support.


  1. To identify and provide learning support for children with identified needs such as:
    • Learning difficulties (moderate and high)
    • Social difficulties (including behaviour and those socially, emotionally and physically ‘at risk’)
    • A physical disability where it affects the child’s learning (eg hearing impaired)
    • ESOL: Identify levels at entry.
    • Medical: Identify medical problems (involving the school nurse)
    • Gifted and Talented.
  2. To provide programmes to assist these pupils.
  3. To monitor their changing needs if and as they do arise.
  4. To review those on the programmes at the end of each term.
  5. To provide ongoing professional advice and support to teachers.

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