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Everyday Uniform

Southwell Everyday Uniform

Southwell School uniform is worn with pride both on and off school grounds.  We are a ‘Socks Up, Shirts In’ school.  Blazers are to be worn to and from School daily.  All blazer buttons are done up prior to walking to Chapel or to Assembly, to start each day at Southwell.  Ties are worn daily and expected to be tied correctly, covering the top button.

Both boys and girls have a summer and winter uniform – short sleeve grey shirts and blouses in the summer and long sleeve grey shirts and blouses in the winter.   Boys wear a light cotton short in the summer, and heavier weight short in the winter.  Girls wear culottes in the summer and culottes or skirts in the winter.

Boys must wear garters with their socks to hold them up.  Girls skirts and culottes are to be knee length.  All tights and socks are to be free of ladders, holes and tears.  Girls black socks must reach to the knee.

Number One uniform

The Number One Uniform is our formal uniform, which includes a white shirt.  No. 1’s are worn on special occasions such as school photos, Founders Day, prize giving, music and drama performances or exams, special chapel services, and to and from sports fixtures.


Hair and Jewellery

For girls, hair must be tidy and tied back if shoulder length or longer, with navy or black hair ties.  For boys, hair must not be longer than the top of the shirt collar.  We would like all students to have their natural hair colour.

No jewellery is to be worn except for a watch and a single pair of small round studs earrings or sleepers in gold or silver, worn in the lower lobe of each ear only. No makeup or nail varnish is to be worn.


Wide brim hats are compulsory during Term 1 and Term 4. No hat, no play.

CLICK HERE for the Girls and Boys Uniform Brochure

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