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Trust Board

Trust Board

Until 1963 Southwell was a private school, owned by the family of the late Mr H G Sergel: Rev Canon P C S Sergel, Mrs N R S Johnstone, Mrs J S Cumming and Mrs A I Sandford.

In that year the family gifted the School to become a non-profit making Educational Institution to be administered by a Trust Board under the terms of a formulated Trust Deed. The Trust Board is a self-appointed body comprising no more than twelve members, including the President of the Old Boys’ and Girls’ Association, and the President of the Southwell School Association during their terms of office. The Board elects a Chairman for a three-year term and has three main sub-committees: Audit and Compliance, Strategic Planning, and Governance. The Trust Board meets twice every term.

Profiles of current Board Members

Occupation: Company Director
Qualifications: BA, MBA
Family Details: Married to Louise
Five Children: Lydia, Grace, William (Old Boy), Lachlan (Old Boy) and Samuel (Current Students)
Board Details: Trust Board Chairperson
Board member since 2015
Mrs Lynley Tang PAST PARENT
Occupation: Company Director
Qualifications: MMS (with First Class Honours), PGDip(MgtSt), BSc (Hons)
Family Details: Married to Walley Qiu
Two Children: Andrew (Old Boy) and Ellie (Old Girl)
Board Details: Board Member since 2018
Occupation: Director, PwC
Qualifications: BA (Hons), CA (UK), CTA and TEP
Family Details: Married to James
Two children:  Poppy and Lillian (Current Students)
Board Details: Finance and Risk Chairperson
Board member since 2019
Occupation: Physiotherapist
Qualifications: BHSci (Physiotherapy)
Family Details: Married to Dion
Three children:  Anaru (Old Boy) Tamati and Kahurangi (Current Students)
Board Details: Board member since 2023

Touch and Netball Coach

Mr Andrew Peckham CURRENT PARENT
Occupation: Hydro Generation Manager, Mercury NZ
Qualifications: BMS, CA, CMinstD
Family Details: Married to Ange
Two children:  Mack and Molly (Current Students)
Board Details: Board member since 2019
SSA President since 2018
Mr Ken Williamson PAST PARENT
Occupation: Insurance Broker, Crombie Lockwood
Qualifications: KStJ; QSM; DistFInstd; JP
Family Details: Married to Julie
One child: Kate (Foundation Girl)
Board Details: Board member since 2017
Foundation Trust Board member since 2010
Mr Blair Edwards PAST PARENT
Occupation: Lawyer – Principal of Edwards Law – Employment Law Specialists
Qualifications: BA/LLB (Hons); Certificate in Tourism Studies
Family Details: Married to Angela
Two children:  Ben and Sam (Old Boys)
Board Details: Board member since 2019

OBGA Committee member since 2015

Occupation: Self-Employed
Qualifications: B.Com, LL.B
Family Details: Married to Katherine
Four children:  Addison  (Old Girl), Victor and Samantha and Sara (Current Students)
Board Details: Board member since 2023

Southwell Cricket and Rugby Coach

Ex-Officio Members of the Trust Board

Mr Jason Speedy
Occupation: Headmaster
Qualifications: Master of Educational Leadership (Distinction), BA (Massey), PGEdAdmin, DipTchg, TTC
Family Details: Married to Janine
Two children: Judd and Jess
Mrs Janet Reddish
Occupation: Headmaster’s Executive Assistant, Trust Board Secretary
Family Details: Married to Peter
Two children: Anna and Nick (Old Boy)
Mrs Julie Walters CURRENT PARENT
Occupation: Business Manager
Qualifications: B.C.A., C.A.
Family Details: Married to Alan
Three children: Nathan (Old Boy), Grace (Old Girl), Liam (Old Boy)

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