Tuesday 23 May 2017


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Kipps and Ann were childhood friends. When they were parted as children, Kipps cut a sixpence in half and told Ann to look at it whenever she missed him. Years later, Kipps is working as an apprentice in a draper’s shop in Folkestone, England. Ann arrives in the town, looking for him. They meet and re-kindle their childhood friendship. Everything changes however when Kipps meets Chitterlow – an eccentric actor/playwright – and finds out that he has inherited a fortune. He leaves the shop and is drawn into high society where he meets and becomes engaged to Helen Walsingham. Unfortunately Ann finds out about the engagement before Kipps has a chance to tell her and runs away screaming that she never wants to see him again! 

Will Kipps and Ann be reunited? Will true love eventually triumph over wealth and riches? Will both halves of the sixpence come together at the end?
Come see Southwell School's entertaining version of this British musical theatre classic and find out!!

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